Fresh firewall for my good friend @vernon_66 Stay posted as we bring this Apache back from the dead.  What a fun day. Thanks a ton @digitalc10 for letting me have some wheel time. #limbo #loaner #getonup  Little Sancho throwback. @gmc.ave  Come join @heathpinter and I as we team up with @rockfordfosgate and rip some Turbo RZRs through some of the most beautiful parts of Baja. Oct 4-8 sign up at or check out details at @thelegendsrally #thelegendsrally #rockfordfosgate #motorsportsaudio #purposebuiltaudio #utvunderground #baja #utvrides #larryragland #dirtco  My head of security, operations manager, party organizer and all around good buddy @motodude and his sick little GMC. Check out @gmc.ave for his cool swag.  @el_rodney capturing Tutz enjoying the good life. @accuair @precisionreplacementparts @dakota_digital @mar_k_quality  The DeLM-7 This is a fresh top to bottom rebuilt 5.3 with a Cam upgrade with all the Delmo goodies. These will be available soon starting at $9500. DM me with questions and availability. This one is heading to @1945speedandcustom for a tri5 upgrade.
 Some Specials on a cleeeeean caddy.  Well Fergus is sure doing his best to fight this. He’s happy, playing with his buddy and always smiling. We started him on some CBD treatment along with some great holistic medication. We’re surrounding him with positive vibes and with your help are going to kick this things ass. Obviously live dog legs are his favorite thing to chew on. #sograteful #fuckcancer #irishwolfhound @fergus_n_nash  One of the best in the game. #normmacdonald #imwithnorm  Serious test of mind and body today. Absolute killer ride up in the mountains today, definitely needed it.  Overwhelming is the word I’ll use to describe how Ola and I feel today with the incredible support from all of you. Ya’ll got me choked up today. These pics aren’t of some cool speed part I know but please bare with me as I show all that donated who they are helping. Truly grateful to everyone. #fundingfergus @metalandspeed  Mmmm Turbo Titan
 Which one would you take out today? @airtrix @fasthouse_  @jpm1260  @el_rodney  So back in the Burbank days we built this for @samcastronova and we put fresh bedwood in it. Well it rained that night and the water that leaked in the shop was more like tar. Came in to work in the morning and Mother Nature has provided us with a finish on the oak that I couldn’t replicate if I tried. I took full credit of course and said it was something I learned from my Grandpa.  @fergus_n_nash is pretty bummed he can’t go on his walks, hopefully that all changes thanks to all of you. Big fella goes in Monday for his CT scan etc. @love_irishwolfhound #irishwolfhound #goodpeople @vernon_66  Hey everyone, what can I say other than today was a rough one. My best buddy Fergus has been diagnosed with bone cancer. There is a new treatment called SRT Stereotactic Radiation that will help keep him around and help him have a normal happy life. Unfortunately it’s more than we can afford, but with a little help of reaching our goal on we can get him treated next week. This is very hard for me post but I know I have amazing friends and family that love @fergus_n_nash as much as I do. Goto the link on my Instagram and search Funding Fergus to help the cause. Thank you to everyone for the love and support. Xoxoxo. #fundingfergus #pleaserepost  Kevon wears the pants around here. #irishwolfhound