Hey all you Squarebody kats our there. We have these sleek handles that sit closer to the door than factory. You might need them.  Rubber duck to big daddy come back...over. #gotcb?  Today’s view. Photo @saarloosandsons  Well that was a shitload of work. Started life as a dual quad LS intake and now supports 3 @autotrend_efi billet fuel injection Rochester look alikes. Can’t wait to see it on the Engine.  @snedenwerks using our LS kit that includes intake, valve cover adapters, fuel rails, fittings and throttle body adapter. Options include air cleaner, breather and valve covers. Check for the right kit for your engine.  LS plug wire sets available on the website. Plenty of length to remote mount the coils. $179
 60-66 inners back in stock. Get em while you can.  Next up to bat, this sweet little stepper will get a @choppin_block coil over chassis with Fresh 525 hp DelS3.  That time of the year. Thanks a ton to @indianmotorcycle for the bike. Stoked to ride with all these dummies. @hartluck @feedbigb @heathpinter @theskystone @saarloosandsons @handhofficial @fasthouse_ @goodride  @accuairderek and I contemplating sensor placement on @dinoschevyonly chassis. @accuair @one_n_done  I like these kinda boxes. @magnusonsuperchargers #signaturerequired #heartbeat #boost  @digitalc10 and @fergus_n_nash spending some quality time together. #irishwolfhound #baldguy
 Saturday Jam @foxmoto  Old days.  @blownova gettin down (under) with his killer C10 using some of our junk. @unitedspeedshop  Man this @choppin_block chassis is a dream to work with. #maketheswitch #pbwho?  Blowout on some custom order Squares. Guy bailed on the deal so these are available at cost. 6 lug 22x8. Fronts are 5 3/8 backspace and the rear is 4.5. $5800 shipped.