Made it. 2018 Git Down.  @performancebizmedia  Almost ready for the Git Down. #7Ds @mar_k_quality @curtisspeed @diamondbackclassics  So cool to see my old roadster being enjoyed by a rad family. @flynnst0ne  @jmurdermax getting his LS on with our DeL-S kit including intake, fuel rails, throttle body adapter, valve cover adapters and fittings for only $995. Goto to grab some cool stuff.  So happy for @jeff_ekberg on Old Gold getting nominated for Truck of the year by @streettrucks If you dig his truck and think it deserves the coveted Truck of the year award please goto the link in my bio and vote for the ol wreck. Thanks to all of my followers for the years of support. #grateful  Throwback to some 2015 styling. Super fun little truck. @accuair  Family. @accuair @accuairfamily
 That was a fun trip. 2007 I did 2500 miles in that go kart. #354hemi  Caption this. Happy birthday @heathpinter  Thanks for the sticker @deandelray #delraisers @dualigans @firehouse_fabrication #atat  Go back to bed Old Gold, the voting isn’t over. If ya don’t mind Goto the link in my bio and cast a vote for @jeff_ekberg @streettrucks  @loustickel  Kevon likes @vernon_66 Truck  Thanks @deedseng for the ultra sano clamps and hangers.  Call me old fashion. New 7Ds in 20” wrapped in @diamondbackclassics #slots @vernon_66 @polishedslots
 @sullys65chevelle on point with great stance Wheels and retro LS.  This is America. Thank you.  Just some randoms. 1. @fergus_n_nash at 1yr looking for spiders. 2. @accuairderek @chaseincolor 3. @gordkoff and I eating healthy. 4. Shooting Old Aux for @accuair  It’s so good to have the freedom to create, and great customers that believe in what we do. @autotrend_efi @drivejunky #toomanyhours #ls3fuelinjection  @vernon_66 Apache is taking shape. Our new 7D wheels in 20” @accuair  One of favs @greeningautocompany @roadstershop