Choppy chop chop.  When I post a pic of a Ford.  Feeling a little blue today.  Too nice to take out of the wrapper. @accuair @accuairfamily #cvt @choppin_block  Going for breakfast with some cool kats this morning. #gasser #badnews @glenwoodgasser  One goes out, another comes in. #ls3 #DelS3 @midwaychevypartsaz
 @ciadellainteriors installed by @dbomb_53 in a frame off 59 4 door hardtop we did for the main man @wilfredburr #4doorsneedlovetoo  Real practical Del, reeeeaaal practical. #longbedlife  Mmmmm black. 67-72 handles up on the site. These sit 5/8 of an inch closer to the door than stock. Anodized billet.  @carolcrablegs spotted the Mayor of Burbank @motodude cruisin the streets talking with the people. @gmc.ave  Before and after. @ol_dirty_pictures  @_bagged61c10_ getting those 60-66 inners installed. Lookin good man. Available on the Delmospeed website.
 @littlemissmiah13 shown here in her C10 evening gown. Thanks for reppin the brand out east. @strawberry_fields13  @ironcraft_inc making that bike look tall with Blackbird in the background. @purvis1929  The 65. 2010  Pretty cool to see the 51 we did immortalized on @mrichardson_81 Art by @chadchasevenom  Mock up  Headed North tomorrow to support the Canucks. Git on up. #jamesbrown