@accuair command center mounted in Old Gold.  Great shot of Old Gold from Sema. @accuair @magnaflow @kickeraudio @holleyperformance @ikandypaintworks @porterbuilt @autotrend_efi @viaircorp @powerabs @mullenix_racing_engines @eddiemotorsports @prescott_hot_rods @silentcoat @glideengineeringinc @diamondbackclassics @digitalc10 @royalpurple #truckshop #becoolradiators @auto_marine_upholstery @langesshop @catuned  Running the wheels off some exotics here at @xtremexperience with @jaroddeanda Perfect way to try out some dream cars. Check them out when they come to your area. Braaaaaap!!!!!  These are the kats I get all my goodies from. They have almost every nut, bolt and accessory you'll need for your car or truck. Check em out @truckandcarshop  @moriel_plum 67 just after bath time. @accuair @porterbuilt @dakota_digital @fatluckys  Throwback to our last year Sema build for @max_built @accuair @porterbuilt @magnusonsuperchargers @holleyperformance @mullenix_racing_engines @kompressionwheels @dakota_digital @lewis_milinich_body_shop
 Ass end of the 57. @danusaone @billetspecialties @accuair @porterbuilt  Look back at final assembly on LaFawnda with @lewis_milinich_body_shop . We had allot of fun and I picked up some tips and tricks from the pros.  Hanging out at @tre5customs and @ikandypaintworks open house. Good times.  Not much to see here, filled gas hole on the 53. #dontbeagashole  I'm pretty grateful for allot of things. My wife that let's me be a big kid, this dream job I have, and all the good people around me. Not to mention being able to do it in this great country. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone. Thanks @c10.nation and @cagoose for the great pic.  Mocking the 53. @jpm1260 #falfa @accuair @porterbuilt
 Coasters back in stock. Perfect for the holidays, get them while they last at  This baby even had a cup holder. Thanks again @xtremexperience for letting us rip around. Still torn between the Huracan and the GTR.  My man Devin gettin down on the firewall for the 53. Using that @mittler_bros roller.  Supporting the good dudes at @c10club and the annual toy drive at Pomona swap meet Dec4. If you're in the area swing by and help a great cause.  I will do this to at least 2 people tomorrow. MuHahahaha!  Me now that the Git Down is over. Such a great time, cya all next year.