Enjoying some vintage Indy thanks to @jrhildebrand  Exercise time.  Man these Falfas look good on anything. @diamondbackclassics  This big dummy is excited to go for a Easter walk. Hope ya'll have a great day. #irishwolfhound  This ol girl brings back memories. Jackalope @daveshilling #lseverything #whitewalls  Up on the site. Or you get a free one with any purchase of Delmo products. #arizona @c10talk  Betty White. @accuair @dakota_digital #ls3
 Couple years ago now. @max_built @mullenix_racing_engines @magnusonsuperchargers @kompressionwheels @holleyperformance @accuair @truckandcarshop @magnaflow  @nr_caddyqueen running our adapters for the Caddy valve covers. Lookin sharp.  We will be setup at LS fest west this year in Vegas slinging some parts. Lots of cool stuff goin on. Come check it out. @holleyperformance  @___johnnyc___ old Chevy sporting some Sepcials.  Gotta give credit where it's due, this @roadstershop truck is a blast to drive. Thanks for letting me stretch her legs @classic_car_studio . Wish there was a track near by. #forsale  @moriel_plum 67 lookin clean.
 22" Specials on @dave_rob_can Gmc. @gmc.ave  TB with @timsuttonphoto shooting some iron in Burbank. #2ndcousins @accuair  Nicest Blazer I've ever seen, fresh with a LS3. For sale. Please DM if your serious.  Oh Canada.  Hangin with these crazy bastards today. @classic_car_studio  Look who stopped in for its 2 yr physical exam. Django @richbuckley01 #nowcough