Little photo radar ticket I found from back in the day. #checksinthemail  Let's see what today's @xtremexperience brings us. Oh what's this? Drive the hell out of a GT3? Ok. #xtremexpierence #yourturn @jaroddeanda @dannydixxon  Fresh out of the machine. 22" Square. 6 window. #delmosquares @curtisspeed  Delmos and @dixxon_flannel_co are up to something cool with Brownstone. Dropping at @lonestarthrowdown  Time to get this baby rollin. OG paint. #haro #bmx  Congrats to my boy @motodude for the @truckinmagazine spread. Stoked for you bud. @gmc.ave
 Happy birthday to my Pops. Coolest guy I've ever met. Tough as nails, great sense of humor and talent for days. I owe everything to this man. Love you bud.  Sick mural spotted today.  I try to surround myself with positive people. Those who inspire me to keep pushing forward. This collab with @dixxon_flannel_co is no different. Not only do they make the sickest flannels on the market, they're a perfect example of how hard work pays off. Check them out for more details on the "Brownstone"  Umm, excuse me Kevin.  @n4tec4r sporting some specials on his super clean International.  Another happy customer receiving his turn key DelS3. Thanks Roberto
 Not everyone can afford one of these. But you can sure afford to blast one around a track for an afternoon and knock that off your bucket list. @xtremexperience makes sure you have a good time and test yourself with a true dream car. Check them out when they come to a track near you. #xtremexperience #treatyourself  Gulp gulp gulp  My first desert race. 3 30 mile laps. Took me three hours and I finished first in my class. But rigormortis is setting in now. #cantmove  Had the F100 out for a scoot today after installing some ebrake cables. Such a great truck to drive. @accuair @tci_engineering  @a_joerr cleaning up his 5.3 with some of our goodies.