TBT @timsuttonphoto shooting @travisbarker blazer with LA in the background. #wheresyourpermit  Our LS3 coil brackets getting carved out by the boys at @deedseng $99 bucks does all 8 coils. LQ9 brackets coming soon.  @texpinstriper_johnnyc sporting some Specials on his ultra clean 50 Chevy. @accuair  Pretty stoked about this one. @moriel_plum @accuair @porterbuilt #ls3 #dels3 @dakota_digital  Because it's great. #loveanimalsnotpeople  So they did make mini trucks in 65. @felixdacat1986 @max_built
 Let's find this smiley guy a home.  Stoked about the color choice for the 59. @jeff_ekberg  Wow talk about a throwback, @sea10_sea10 posted a very old pic of my 63 hangin with all the mini truckers. So cool to see that car again. Cops in my town didn't know what to charge me with first. Lol #3wheelinaintacrime @lowridermagazine #1963 #impala #redshydraulics  Close up of @fatluckys work on @moriel_plum 67.  Thanks @fatluckys on another sick interior. @moriel_plum 67 will be Hittin the street very soon.  Me and @joetcreep making sure @oldcrowspeedshop is strapped in tight. #scta #bonneville #bellytank @timsuttonphoto
 @powerabs master looking squeaky clean on the 59. With the electric pump she makes 1800 psi line pressure. It will make your huge brakes actually work.  @motodude is going to clean up the street of Burbank as the new Mayor rolls in. @accuair @mullenix_racing_engines #gmconly  All cleaned for a night on the town and the grand opening of @farfromfolsom  Trader and Larry beachside in DelMar CA. @the_only_jp @nickbrais  @motodude snapping some caps onto those 24x15 Specials.