Shop rags from @bigtimethreads at the booth. @lonestarthrowdown  Setup at @lonestarthrowdown  The main man with Slampala shortly after I sold it to him. Such a good dude. #zztop #bfg #impala #1962  Plastic mock up engine headed to @lonestarthrowdown with @brian_vowell and the Delmo booth.  Just a bunch of @jameyjordan bead rollers going together over at @mittler_bros #clean #quality @snipedog22  What a treat hangin with these guys today and seeing the massive operation at @mittler_bros . Stay tuned for some great collaborations with @jameyjordan @mittler_bros and @mrcfabbullard
 Get them while you can. 60-66 inners. $999 show special. Cash and carry.  When getting gas in Texas.  My old bike showed up in Australia, still lookin good.  These babies will be in our booth at @lonestarthrowdown with @brian_vowell . Also available online.  Happy V day to the better half. She makes me better everyday.  Off to St Louis to hang with @jameyjordan @mittler_bros and @mrcfabbullard to discuss what's next. @c10.nation @c10talk
 Hydro shock blowing people's minds here at LST. #racestuff @mittler_bros @mrcfabbullard  Good morning from @kcspaintshop  60-66 inner fenders available at @lonestarthrowdown in our booth with @accuair and @porterbuilt . Thanks @empire_fabrication for the quality work as always.  My good buddy @gordkoff surprised me with this one off Jada replica that he put together of his truck. Looks legit.  Good to see these 3 hangin out together. Kraken, LaFawnda and The Mayor. @motodude @ol_dirty_pictures @max_built @accuair  Another banner going up on the site today. 20"x 6' . Perfect for the garage. Check them out on the website and also available at @lonestarthrowdown #larry @the_only_jp @wrightwaybuilder