That @kickeraudio sounding sweet in the Sema ride. #oldgold #kicker  @dakota_digital digital coming through for the win on these one off GMC gauges. We did a polished stainless panel that matched the OG piece. Thanks @tre5customs for the CAD work (probably used Paint).  I personally love these old dealer options. #notheyarenotexhaustholes @jeff_ekberg  Sema crunch is over, we're ready. Thanks @mullenix_racing_engines for the motor mounts.  Those @eddiemotorsports hinges tho!  Excited to head to @theraceofgentlemen today in Pismo and see some old friends.  Apparently someone wants me to be president. I suppose I could give it a shot. Can't really screw it up any worse than those two morons. @electdelmo #trump #hillaryclinton
 Little throwback to the Burbank days.  @dontmikeme making those22" Delmo Specials look good. Pic from @moon.dog62  @magnaflow front to back on Old Gold. #mfequipped #stainlesssteel #magnaflow  Hello there #endovt @accuair has outdone themselves with this beautiful tank. Integrated valves and killer new mounting options along with a full billet body make this the flagship for air management. We will be sporting this setup in Old Gold and Limbo at Sema.  Exactly.  One I built for @ol_dirty_pictures years back. This one gets used harder than a LA rental car. #ls1 #1958 @gmc.ave
 I know "Sema crunch" gets thrown around allot but my hats off to all those that are experiencing it right now. Tons of work by allot of super talented guys and gals is happening right now. We will cya soon and hopefully raise a glass in Vegas to all of our hard work. Cheers!!! @digitalc10 @stickelspeed @langesshop @ikandypaintworks  Love this old pic of Poncho. Owner @samcastronova  Interior coming along perfect. Thanks @prescott_hot_rods for all the hard work. @ginaciadella  Free shipping on 60-66 inners until after Sema. Only a few sets left. Check out  Congrats to my homie @whitetrashbuddhist on gettin hitched.  Trying to wheelie @travisbarker K5 with @timsuttonphoto