LaFawnda's engine bay from the new Classic trucks mag. Shot by @timsuttonphoto @magnusonsuperchargers @baer_brakes @max_built  Need some killer sound dampening? Check out @silentcoat for some smokin deals. Great Father's Day sale goin on.  Throwback to Burbank, good times.  Pics of my ol bike by @timsuttonphoto Mids by @ironcraft_inc #coneknuckle  LaFawnda tuckin those @kompressionwheels nicely. @max_built  The Mayor on deck. Old gold leavin for some Ikandy by @dawop99 @motodude @jeff_ekberg
 Sorry buddy, it's the biggest pool I could find. @fergus_n_nash #irishwolfhound #giantdog  A little Father's Day sale to celebrate our Cool Dads. Slapping us on the back of the head and sayin "I said 1/2 not 9/16 dumbass".  Brownstone shoppin for pizza in style. @plumbing2.0 photo @zaccardibuilt  Sema 2016 rendering coming along by the talented @pinstripe_chris @jeff_ekberg #oldgold #1959 #gmc @accuair  LS to old style Small block valve cover adapters in stock and ready to go. $189 delmospeed  The old logo is back in certain sizes, check the website and grab yours today!!!!
 Sema 2016. @jeff_ekberg @dakota_digital @accuair @porterbuilt @classicperform @azproperformance #oldgold  Rear shot of the Five Seven. Shakedown is goin great, Dyno tomorrow with @prodyno . @danusaone @accuair  Aaaaaaaaand that's a wrap. Really fast, really comfy and really cool. @accuair @porterbuilt @dakota_digital @billetspecialties @dbomb_53 #lsa #1957 @danusaone  Some Sunday Patina action. Bye bye spare tire. @danusaone #nobondo  @dbomb_53 knockin it out of the park on The 57.