Love me some @dakota_digital  @paccoastpowder helping us out with a fun project coming up. Media blast then barrel sanded. @truemetalshaping @heathpinter @digitalc10  @bsask80 truck tucked away for the winter.  I grew up enjoying this guys art. Still a big fan. @georgetrosley #trosley #cartoons  Having a blast putting some miles on this square. I may have spun the tires once. @930chas @accuair @gmc.ave  Sunday morning flange session with @gordkoff  @ctpconcepts ashtray for @accuair
 Here we go.  Piece by piece she comes together.  The perfect daily.  First of 4 miles of stainless to put on. #1959 #moredoor #flattop  @gordkoff 55 coming along the last few days. Stoked he flew in from Vancouver to spend some time working on his baby.  Shake down almost done on the 51. Gunna be hard to say goodbye to this one. @jpm1260 @mar_k_quality @accuair
 @motodude Killin gophers in the Mayor. @gmc.ave @accuair  The fin is in. #1959 #impala  New Neighbour to play with. @fergus_n_nash #irishwolfhound #labradorretriever  Only about 50 bolts to assemble the front bumper on a 59 impala. #andtheysayitsnotsafe  Gotta thank my long time pals at @paccoastpowder for helping with this special project. I've been wanting to do this one for a "long" time. Stay tuned. @heathpinter @truemetalshaping  Who can tell me the year and model?