Thanks a ton to @evod_industries for the tri power plate for our DELS3 triple deuce edition. #fuelinjection @autotrend_efi #tripower @holleyperformance  Getting some things mocked up on @jpm1260 53. Pretty jazzed about this ol girl. @accuair @porterbuilt #ls3  The CST version 2. Prices and availability very soon.  Django at Sema a couple years back. @accuair  Billet throttle bodies ready to go on Old Gold. Yup this is fuel injection. Thanks @autotrend_efi for the engine jewelry. #tripower #ls3  Hope everyone had a great weekend. #starwars #obeonekenobi
 About to start having some fun with @930chas sweet little GMC. Render by @digitalc10 @accuair @porterbuilt @gmc.ave  Sticker bomb by @c10talk . Out hittin some single track today in the mountains.  Little throwback to the ol Dodge welding truck I got for a good buddy of mine. We eventually got the original welder and acetylene mixer back in it. @coetrucks  Doing something different on the CST wheels for Sema. @curtisspeed @digitalc10 @royal_purple  The fellas over at @ikandypaintworks stopped playing Pokemon just long enough to bust out some more magic on Old Gold. Thanks guys.
 @royal_purple hookin up our Sema build with some good lube. It's the only stuff we use. #shamelessplug #butitstrue @autotrend_efi  LaFawnda and Betty White about to shoot some porn back the ol Burbank days. @timsuttonphoto @max_built @daveshuten  60-66 inner fenders in stock and now on the website. All steel and simple to install. Will clear a 30" tire. Bazingaaaa.  Circa 1989. My 63 prostreet on hydros sporting some 17" wide Weld pro stars out back. 283 with a tunnel ram that I later took off. The color, well what can I say it was the 80s.  Sticker bomb on Waylon Jennings old Caddy. If this car could talk.